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Get the most out of your juma candle

Our candles are designed to burn clean and thoroughly. Therefore, allow the melted wax to reach the edges of your container each time you light the candle to avoid ‘tunneling‘.

Less soot leads to less worry

Vegetable-based candles also produce less soot.

For a long lasting experience, it is recommended to always trim the wick to a 5mm length before lighting your candle. A shorter wick produces less soot.

Benefits of canola wax

Unlike paraffin, rapeseed wax has a creamy, porcelain-like color. Vegetable wax is softer, but has a lower combustion rate, which means it burns at a slower rate and you can enjoy your candle for a longer time.

Care Tips

Since our candles are handmade, little mishaps can arise, so if your candle doesn’t light properly, try scraping off a little bit of the wax around the wick and try lighting the candle again.

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