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Our signature soap

Made with rich oils and butters, juma soaps are nourishing and gentle to your skin

Gentle to the skin

Our soaps are all "superfatted", i.e. not all the oils are completely saponified. Oil residues remain in the soap as nourishing components, providing additional care for the skin and protecting it from drying out: this is called "regreasing".

Crafted and wrapped by hand

The soaps are made by cold process and air-dried for at least 8 weeks. Finally, they are cut, wrapped and labelled by hand.
Thus, each bar of soap is unique.

All our packaging is designed in-house.

No harmful ingredients, sustainable packaging

Our soaps do not contain any silicons, mineral oils, parabens, irradiated raw materials. All soaps are vegan unless explicitly stated.

Never been tested on animals. 
All our packaging is bio-degradable.

Care Tip

In order to use the soap as long as possible, it is recommended to let it dry after each wash

(for instance in a soap dish).

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