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Naturally yours, made by juma S.à.r.l.-S.

Nature's Gifts in Every Bar: Handmade with Love, Purely for You!

Made in Luxembourg since 2010 

Made in Luxembourg

About our creations

Our approach to soap-making emphasizes the use of natural, high-quality materials, limiting the number of ingredients to ensure the product is both effective and gentle for your skin.

The soaps are made by cold process and air-dried for at least 8 weeks. 
Finally, they are cut, wrapped, and labeled by hand. 
Thus, each bar of soap is unique.

We now also offer natural candles made with vegetable wax that are non-toxic. Light up your life with scented candles - because every moment deserves a touch of luxury. 


Canola & Coco Wax Candles

Keep up to date with new offers and scents

Natural Soap

Choose from more than 30 kinds of handmade soaps

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